Seb-Tech has been operating on the Polish market in the injection moulds repair, regeneration and modification industry for many years. We are a reliable company with many years' standing experience. We cooperate with the largest European companies specializing in the same industry. Our qualified employees, specialist equipment and outstanding precision allow us to repair both common and rare damages to injection moulds, pressure moulds, punching dies and introduce many modifications to them.

Below you'll find our company's advantages, due to which we were able to contribute to success of many customers:

  • Precise hard facing up to 10 mm height and hardness above 56HRC.
  • Appropriate choice of materials guarantees uniform connection between the weld and the base material (without defects).
  • In most cases, the repair processing location is invisible.
  • Cooperation with SUMARIS group: laser beam welding and texturizing of injection moulds.

  • Repairs of all available tool stations, aluminium, titanium, bronze and copper alloys.
  • Repairs of both small and large moulds, virtually without size and weight limits.
  • Repairs and manufacturing of injection moulds and punching dies.
  • Regeneration and modification of injection moulds and tools.

  • Manufacturing injection moulds.
  • Polishing injection moulds.
  • CNC milling, EDM drilling.
  • In case of large moulds (more than 1 tonne), we go to your location!

Services for companies such as:

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